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eBook - The Paradigm Shift in Health Care


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With socialized medicine a very real possibility and new incurable diseases popping up just about every month our future doesn’t look very promising. To continue down the current road of the Medical Disease Treatment Paradigm is pure folly. Historically it has a terrible track record and fails miserably getting sick people healthy.

A new Paradigm is necessary. A new direction.

A Paradigm is the road you’re going to take to get to the end result you want. It’s the principles and protocols you’re going to apply to get you there.

The Natural Healing Paradigm is a new topic. Never before have the principles and fundamentals that govern all of Natural Healing been available.

Back in 1980 when I first started investigating the rest of Natural Healing I was quite surprised to discover what a mess it was. I’m a Chiropractor; I’m used to the precision and exactness of that science. I didn’t find that with the rest of Natural Healing.

“The Paradigm Shift” is the end result of all those years of research, experimentation and outright determination to set the rest of Natural Healing right. Give it some order; make it an exact science like Chiropractic is. And I think I’ve succeeded in doing so.

What are the rules, what are the fundamentals, what are the definitions??? Nobody knew. The rest of Natural Healing seemed to be a haphazard collection of anecdotes, questionable procedures and an overabundance of slick salesmen selling their cure-alls and dogmatic applications. Seemed it was more “belief” than anything else. But I was very sick at the time and determined to find out what was making me so sick and how to get rid of it. So I stuck with it and sifted through all of it.

Obviously I made it and have been teaching others how to come back from terminal for almost ten years now.

This book ties it all together:

  • The Cause and Effect Principle
  • Catch-22
  • The Medical Diseases Treatment Paradigm
  • The Definition of Health
  • The Natural Healing Paradigm
  • The Paradigm Shift

The principles and fundamentals ALL of Natural Healing rests on are in these pages. We now have a valid outline of what’s necessary to recover health. No more guesswork, no more mystery, no more games being played with your health.

This book will take you from where you are now embracing the Medical Paradigm and understanding why that doesn’t work. Then give you the textbook rules that govern health - cellular requirements. Then the Natural Healing paradigm with its protocols to apply that reestablish those cellular requirements. Health returns.

It’s a totally new way of looking at it. No more diseases to bravely conquer (Which if you haven’t noticed can’t be done). No more life and death struggle, no mystery, no dogma, no “belief”, just the application of the protocols necessary to fulfill the cellular requirements to be healthy. Simple.

So it doesn’t matter what level of health you’re at right now. There will never be any “cures” for your disease so you might as well learn what the body requires to be healthy and get to work fulfilling those requirements. Which IS the Natural Healing Paradigm and the Paradigm Shift.  

The great part about it is once you’re healthy you’ll know WHY you’re healthy and be able to maintain that the rest of your life.  

Once you understand the principles in this little book you will save yourself a great deal of time getting back to healthy. Anyone in present day that is getting sick people well is applying one or more of the fundamentals covered in this book. Historically going all the way back to Egyptian times the application of one or more of these principles has been getting sick people well.  

Learn this book well and your return to health will be the shortest possible time. 

The Paradigm Shift: From treating the disease to elevating health levels back to normal.

There are no cures - getting healthy is your only option.

Dr. K. R. Sutter II

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  1. MhTVqnWv

    Posted by Elric on 10th Aug 2011

    Thank you so much for this atrclie, it saved me time!

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