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You Know More Than You Think You Do

Are diseases curable? Pretty simple question. Seems like there should be a simple answer, and sure enough there is.

That diseases are so prevalent in society is quite obvious.
That people die from these diseases is also quite obvious.

It seems like the diseases are everywhere, and it also seems to be getting exponentially worse as the years pass by.

If you take a look at the last 50 years, the advent of all the new diseases seems to announce the beginning of the end. You know, the great tribulations that the religionists talk about. One can’t help but slide into a state of apathy about the whole thing either. I mean, it seems so hopeless, and it’s getting worse, there’s more diseases, more death, more hopelessness.

Why can’t the doctors and highly learned men of the world find a cure for these new diseases? After all, we’ve got the smartest men in the world working on them don’t we? Why aren’t they coming up with any answers, any cures?

If we take a close look at what a disease really is and what a cure really is you might be surprised. All the trouble starts with the word “cure”. Is it even possible to cure disease? What is a disease anyway? And even though they treat the hell out of it, why doesn’t it go away?

Also, with the never-ending supply of new diseases available it would seem that these new diseases are replacing the old diseases. Not so. We’ve still got all the old standbys. Cancer, Heart disease, arthritis, etc. The old diseases are NOT being cured and, of course, the new diseases don’t have any cures either. And it’s very interesting to note that ALL the diseases, both new and old, are being “treated” with an ever-expanding list of powerful drugs and therapy regimes. None of which work at actually curing the disease.

So, right away we see that it’s NOT possible to cure any diseases. It’s NOT possible. Any treatment regime, whether drugs or therapy will NOT cure any of the new, or old, diseases we have. To cure any disease with any treatment regime will not work. That IS a fact. Ask the doctors and all the experts.

Well, what about Natural Healing? Does that cure any diseases? I know many people who used to have cancer that don’t have it anymore. Does that constitute a cure? I suppose in a general way it does. Until you look at how the cancer went away and what the patient did to make the cancer go away.

What you find is the people that supposedly cured their cancer really didn’t even treat their cancer. What??? How can you cure it without treating it? Doesn’t sound right does it? How can a disease go away if you don’t treat that specific disease? It must be some “belief” system somewhere that gave these people special powers to cure their cancer. Not so.

While that may indeed happen to a few people every now and then for the most part it’s been my experience that the people that put all their eggs in the “belief” basket ultimately die from the disease they are “believing” will go away. It doesn’t work. No cure.

What about the mental component? Is it all just “positive thinking” or meditation in a specific way that will cure disease? Nope. Although the mental component is important it’s not important in the way you think it is. Read my essay “Taking it Personal” to understand the mental toughness required to cure disease. You DO need to get mentally tough. Otherwise all the positive thinking and mental gymnastics in the world will not cure any disease.

So, all is lost. There are no cures for anything. The diseases will run rampant until they wipe out mankind. All the old standby diseases and all the new diseases that are discovered just about daily. There’s no hope. No cures. Apathy, here we come. It’s the end of the world as we know it. The NWO will have to wait because there will be no people left to rule. All wiped out by the uncontrollable, incurable diseases. Oh how sad…………

Lets take a look around and see what we think about all this. Is it really true? You don’t have a chance. Nobody can cure anything. The diseases flourish. After all, Traditional medicine can’t cure anything, Natural Healing can’t cure anything, “believing” can’t cure anything and mental gymnastics can’t cure anything.

Consequently, what the politicians have done is make it illegal to cure any disease. That’s right it’s illegal to cure diseases. “They” know it’s not possible anyway so they made it illegal. Look it up in your State law. Our law here in my State clearly states that it is illegal to cure disease with any other method than the prescribed, orthodox, medically accepted procedure. And none of the medical procedures cure anything. They admit it, they advertise it, they have fundraisers for it.

So, it looks like we’re going to have to go elsewhere to cure our diseases. It looks like we’re going to have to look at something else and take our eye off the disease. It looks like this whole disease business is just so much BS. Hell, no one can cure it anyway so why even try.

The truth about diseases is that they are nothing more than a group of symptoms they’ve given a name to. When one symptom develops and is followed by another one and another one it becomes pretty easy to see a pattern. They give this pattern a name. Whether it be cancer, heart disease or something else. They name the pattern and treat the symptoms. Of course it’s all in vane because they know damn well it’s not curable.


It’ll take some time, but once you understand what I’ve just said here you’re on your way to getting healthy. You wouldn’t want to treat the disease anyway. It’s an exercise in futility. Doesn’t work. Never has, never will.

Yet, it’s quite obvious that there are a growing number of people that have beat their cancers, beat their heart disease, beat their arthritis and diabetes. Beat just about any disease known to man. How did they do it?

This is the one single fact you’re going to have to burn into your consciousness if you are terminally ill and want to get healthy. This isn’t some philosophical mystery that has been hidden away for millennia’s. This is pure physics, pure facts, not subject to any “experts” opinion. This IS how it works.

Don’t treat the Disease, Get your Health back.

That sounds too simple. So simple in fact that you really don’t understand it yet. Of course if you had your health you wouldn’t be sick in the first place. You have probably reasoned that it was the disease that made you sick which isn’t true at all.

You were sick long before you started having symptoms of some disease process. You don’t get a disease unless you are already sick. And seeing as how treating the disease is useless the only option you have left is to do everything in your power to regain your health. Pretty easy to say but how do you do it.

I mentioned above that Natural Healing doesn’t work. Well, that’s only half true. If you point any treatment regime, natural or otherwise, at the disease it won’t work.

However, if you point that treatment regime at getting healthy the only one that does work is Natural Healing. It works, and works quite well.

So, technically and realistically you are not treating the disease “they” say you have. You wouldn’t want to do that anyway because it’s a proven fact that it doesn’t work. So concentrate on getting your body healthy. Then you don’t have to bother with treating any disease and can put your full effort into getting healthy.

Now the question is: How do you get a body healthy? Especially after it’s deteriorated to the point where “they” have given you just 6 months to live. Answer: Apply the fundamentals of Natural Healing as outlined in the Natural Healing Paradigm.

Roll up your sleeves, get mentally tough because you’ve got some work to do and you aren’t going to like it. It’s not as easy as popping a pill, being irresponsible for your own health or blaming God because you screwed up somewhere along the line.

Don’t be too hard on yourself though, it’s not your fault you don’t know this stuff. It’s the pharmaceutical companies, the politicians, and the medias fault. But it IS your responsibility to get your health back and keep it back so you can fulfill the destiny you had planned for yourself this lifetime.

Anybody, anywhere that is legitimately getting sick people well is doing it one way and one way only. They are increasing the body’s ability to be healthy. Period. They don’t treat the disease. They are NOT in the business of “curing” diseases. They are in the business of applying sound physiological principles to the human body. They know exactly how a human body is supposed to work and they return that body to “normal”. Of course, normal being a high state of health.

So, there are no cures if you treat the disease. The only way a body will return to health is to take your eye off the disease and put it on getting your body healthy. Don’t treat the disease, get healthy. Health cures diseases.

Cancer is the big killer right now and it’s a perfect example for the explanation of getting your health back instead of treating the disease. People know more about this than they think they do.

What causes cancer, and if you eliminated the cause of cancer would it go away? Well, of course it would - I’m living proof. So, what causes cancer? You already know this, you’ve been hearing about it for years. Think about it. Every now and then you hear a news flash about some new Carcinogenic substance. Carcinogenic is a pretty big word but it breaks down like this: carcino equals cancer; genic equals start of or cause. Carcinogenic means cancer causing. A chemical that causes cancer. You know this; you’ve probably heard about it your whole life. Chemical poisoning causes cancer. There’s nothing new about this, it’s common knowledge, they’ve been telling you about it for years.

Next is failed treatment regimes. In 1971 President Nixon declared war on cancer. They reasoned at the time that it would take 15, maybe 20, years to find a cure. That’s what the press told us anyway. Obviously they didn’t cure it. And more obviously they never will. There are simply too many people making too much money from cancer to get rid of it. It’s economically infeasible. It would put millions of people out of work.

But the treatment regime for cancer turned out to be Chemo Therapy and radiation. Chemo being short for Chemical. With surgery reserved to get rid of the tumors. My question is: Has it worked? Of course the answer is - it hasn’t.

Now, 2006, cancer is a one in three proposition. Back in 71 when they first declared war on cancer it was up around one in five hundred. Back in 1950 it was one in two thousand.

So, to treat cancer with the prescribed medical treatment hasn’t worked. Matter of fact it’s made the survival of cancer a lot less likely which more than qualifies it as a failed treatment regime.

Remember, you know more than you think you know. You already know what causes cancer. (the chemicals) And, you already know the treatment regimes of Chemo and radiation have failed miserably. That’s a lot of information to know. The resolution of any problem is greatly enhanced if you already know what doesn’t work.

1. You know what causes cancer. The chemicals.
2. You know what treatments for it don’t work. Chemo and radiation.

Well, if you know what causes it and you know that orthodox treatment makes it worse, why not reverse the treatment and try to eliminate the chemicals that are causing it in the first place? What have you got to lose? Do the opposite of the standard orthodox treatment for cancer. Instead of adding more chemicals to your body get rid of the ones you’ve already got in there. See what happens.

After all, you can take a normally healthy person and give him Chemo and he WILL get sick. That is a fact. Chemicals make ANYONE sick. Again, you already know this (Carcinogenic).

So, by knowing what the cause is in the first place and knowing what hasn’t worked historically the past 35 years you have a head start on most of society.

When I was sick treating the liver cancer with chemicals was NOT an option for me. I knew it didn’t work and I saw too many people die by going that route. I never even considered it. Besides, it was the chemicals that made me sick in the first place. Remember the Agent Orange fiasco? Why in the world would I want to put more chemicals in there?

To “cure” disease is not possible unless you eliminate the underlying cause of that specific disease. But then you’re NOT treating the disease anymore you’re literally treating the cause of the disease. In the case of cancer it’s the chemicals that are the culprit, that are causing all the cancers. Eliminate the chemicals and the cancer can’t exist.

Here’s the trick they pull on the public. They separate any disease and isolate it from having any cause. Once isolated they make you believe they are so benevolent and learned that only they can treat this mysterious disease. They make the public completely forget that any disease MUST have a cause. Of course their treatment regime is going to fail, they already know it. Which is fascinating considering they told you what caused the cancer in the first place. So it doesn’t make any sense. They tell you what causes cancer and then don’t do anything about it and actually give you more chemicals to treat it. All the while they have the public thinking that cancer is somehow independent of having a cause.

You know much more than you think you do about cancer and I can tell you firsthand that eliminating the chemicals works. I no longer have liver cancer. And there are a growing number of people that can tell the same story.

There are many people in Natural Healing that are experts in eliminating chemicals from the human body and consequently eliminating cancer. I personally have been teaching this material for 7 years now. It works. And if you look at why it works you can see that it’s all too simple.

The application of the Natural Healing Paradigm will get you healthy. Whether you learn it from me or another expert in Natural Healing. The principles are the same. The fundamentals are the same.

All in Natural Healing that are having success getting sick people well are doing it via the Natural Healing Paradigm as I’ve outlined in my book “It’s Not Illegal to get Healthy – The Natural Healing Paradigm.

Remember, you know more than you think you do. It’s NOT as complicated as “they” would have you believe. Quit listening to the hopelessness and bad news and get healthy. It works.

DR. K. R. Sutter