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War Requirements

War requirements
Nov. 2006

Proposal for a new law.

To the politicians of the land. If you are going to send us to war you MUST have the following requirements.

1. You MUST know how much blood leaks from a human body when full of holes.

2. You MUST have personally heard the screams from the wounded and dying.

3. You MUST have killed at least one enemy soldier.

4. You MUST have pulled guard duty in enemy territory.

5. You MUST have loaded at least one body bag with a friend of yours.

6. You MUST have lied to your buddy at least once telling him he’s going to be fine when you know damn well he’s not going to make it.

7. You MUST know what it’s like to go months on end with no more than two hours sleep at a time.

If you have these personal experiences yourself you have the “right” to send our youth to war. If you don’t have these experiences you have no “right” sending ANYONE to war.

DR. K. R. Sutter