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War Mentality

Aug 2008

War Mentality

Lets go to war… Circa 1971. Our benevolent president Mr. Nixon declared war on cancer. Yeah, lets start a war against this nasty disease; see if we can beat it into submission. A worthy objective, sounds reasonable, should be doable.

2008 - Well, that didn’t work. Cancer rate in 1970 was one in a thousand. Cancer rate in 2008 is one in three. Hmmmmm. We lost the war and it looks like the enemy not only won the war but exceedingly so. It completely wiped out the entire army, generals and all that were fighting against it. It won.

But alas the war continues. Government grants, fundraisers, endowments, etc. Cancer is the enemy and we MUST defeat it.

Come on folks we already lost…. WHY???

War doesn’t work. The entire war mentality to attack the enemy doesn’t work. With one exception, and that cannot be considered real war.

Take a look around. Does the farmer curse the stalk of corn because it didn’t get enough rain or fertilizer to grow? Does the rocket scientist curse the rocket that didn’t quite make it into outer space because his calculations were wrong? Do they start a war to get that damn cornstalk to grow normally and the rocket to fly?

War doesn’t work. The whole war on cancer is nothing more than a psychological ploy to get the public to take its mind OFF eliminating the cause of cancer. Take its mind OFF the simple cause and effect principle that the rest of life operates on.

Why is it that diseases are the ONLY thing in life that don’t run on the cause and effect principle. Well, at least that’s what they have everybody “believing”. This doesn’t require any genius mental attributes to see either. It doesn’t require much thought at all. Just take a look.

The war on cancer officially started in 1971 with Nixon’s declaration of war against it. Cancer was one in a thousand back then. Today, 2008, cancer is one in three. The war didn’t work. Wars never work. Wars don’t operate on the cause and effect principle.

History has taught us that the only time war is necessary is to reestablish freedom from the elites who always try to put us in slavery. But even then the war is aimed at the cause of the suppression not the suppression itself.

Anything that is aimed at eliminating the cause is legitimate. Anything that is aimed at attacking the effect is NOT legitimate and will not work. But the war mentality says you MUST attack the effect. Well, we’ve been doing that with cancer officially since 1971 and of course it didn’t work. We lost.

Diseases are an effect the same way the corn stalk is an effect. If the plants don’t get enough water and fertilizer it doesn’t take much thought to reason the plant won’t grow. Not much sense declaring war against the plant just water it and feed it. Which, of course is eliminating the cause of what wilted the plant in the first place.

Diseases operate under the exact same principle. That you think otherwise is the war mentality that has been pounded into society. Declare war against the disease and bomb the hell out of it. Very patriotic. Never mind about what caused the disease in the first place. Completely forget about that. That’s too easy, no money to be made doing that. No control…

Every area in life operates by cause and effect. All of them. Everything IS cause and effect. You do this - that happens. You do that - this happens. Very predictable, very easy. Diseases are no different. Pure physics. Cause and effect.

That you think you have to attack the disease has been very nicely placed in your mind to keep you from thinking about eliminating the cause of the disease. To make you think diseases are some magical mystical happening that you have absolutely no control over. That don’t respond to the cause and effect principle. You were just unlucky or God Himself doesn’t like you. It’s a mindset that has to be reversed.

Diseases operate under the exact same cause and effect principles the rest of the universe operates under.

If you haven’t noticed every time the government declares war on anything the problem gets worse. War on cancer, war on drugs, war on this, war on that. Every time, the thing being declared war against wins. Why, why, why….

Wrong target. It’s easy to eliminate the cause – no war necessary.

So quit fighting the wars. Find out what the hell caused the problem and fix that. Don’t have to go to war. That’s just the mindset necessary to make you think you are this great benevolent person and doing everything possible to defeat this nasty enemy. Oh, you’re so brave, so courageous, so gallant to have put up such a fight against this evil disease that killed you anyway because you didn’t address the cause. But you died courageously fighting the good fight and that’s important. B_ L L SH _ T.

Apply the fundamentals, get healthy; the diseases can’t even exist then. Take your eye OFF fighting the damn disease and put it on getting healthy. THEN, you’ll make it.

No wars necessary!!!

Dr. Kenneth R. Sutter II