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Treating Disease Doesn't Work


You already know that. Everyone knows that. You’ve been told your entire life treating disease doesn’t work. The media, medical profession, academia, and of course our benevolent government have been screaming that from the rooftops forever. “Treating disease doesn’t work, treating disease doesn’t work”. They just don’t say it quite like that.


They use a subtle psychological backdoor approach. As they look at you with wrinkled brow, hand to chin, serious, serious body language and eye concern. The words hit your ears: “There are no cures”.


What do you mean Doc??? No cures “You gotta treat this disease you say I have”. So they treat the disease and sure enough it doesn’t go away and you find yourself dead.


Well, they told you that going in. When they say there are no cures what they are really saying is treating the disease doesn’t work. It’s the same thing.


Of course the best kind of diseases are the ones that won’t kill you right off the bat. You know, those lingering diseases that have to be treated forever. They’re the best diseases to have. Doesn’t kill you but will probably legitimize that disability you wanted.  


But that IS the idea. It’s NOT your fault you think that way. That thought was put firmly in your head on purpose. After all, most of your income goes to one nefarious government program after another that you really don’t believe in and wish the government would stop wasting your money with. So hell with it, lets get disabled so I can get some of my own money back.


So it turns out having a disease isn’t such a bad thing after all. As long as it doesn’t kill you, or the treatment for that disease doesn’t kill you. So its okay to not cure diseases, it fits right into the rest of this screwed up world they have created for you.  


Well, once you work your way past all that and realize they’re just manipulating you to fill their bank accounts, put you in slavery, and control population growth you get to the point where you’re just sick of not feeling good. Then you start to make some discoveries. You find out that it IS possible to eliminate diseases. Not cure them - eliminate them. There IS a difference. 


It all revolves around the word “cure”. As long as they use the word “cure” they know they’re safe. And they know they’ve got you hooked. I mean, who in their right mind doesn’t want diseases cured? What they don’t tell you is that it’s impossible to cure the disease anyway as long as you treat the disease. “They” know that and don’t want you to know it. Money, slavery and population control is important to them – very important. The very backbone of this scheme they’re trying to play out.


But you don’t care about all that now; you just want to feel good again. Don’t want to be crippled up by arthritis, heart disease, cancer or any other so-called diseases they are trying to sell you on. You reason: “There’s got to be a way”.


Well, of course there is. I’m living proof. Thousands of others are living proof. But we didn’t go about trying to “cure” anything. We just decided it was time to get healthy again. To hell with trying to cure anything.


Diseases are really a two part equation. As long as you address the disease part of the equation you won’t be able to eliminate it (which is the medical paradigm). It’s just not possible on an anatomical level, or physiological level. So they aren’t lying to you when they say there are no cures. It IS a physiological FACT. So when someone comes out and says they can cure this or cure that it’s a done deal, the guy goes to prison. Why? Because they know it CAN’T work. It’s a physiological FACT that you can’t cure a disease by treating the disease. But again, they don’t want you to know that because they want you to participate in the various fundraisers to find a cure. Are these people slick or what???


Well, I’m pretty healthy, so is Jack, Susie, Mike, Doug, Gloria, Nancy, and thousands of others. And yeah, WE were all classified as “terminal” at one point. You may think we all discovered a way to “cure” the disease but that’s NOT what we did. We figured it out that way doesn’t work so we concentrated on getting healthy. What do you know, the disease went away.


Diseases are a two part equation. If you address the disease side of the equation you won’t be able to cure the disease. If you address the cause side of the equation you’ll be able to eliminate the cause of the disease and of course without a cause the disease can’t exist. Whala, no more “terminal”. I’m still here.


The Natural Healing Paradigm doesn’t cure disease. It doesn’t even address the disease side of the equation. All it does is reestablish the normal biological requirements of the human body on a cellular level. Once healthy the disease CAN’T exist within that body.


Which is another thing they don’t want you to know – It’s NORMAL to be healthy. Just regular old normal. Kinda boring really. No drama with normal, no courageous battle to fight, no braggadocio, no sympathy, no fundraisers, no mystery. Just regular old normal healthy. Damn!


Treating diseases doesn’t work but it IS possible to get healthy.


Dr. Kenneth R. Sutter II

“The Paradigm Shift in Healthcare”