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Tragedy Rating

How good can something be? How bad can something be? What set of parameters could we use to make legitimate judgments about what’s bad and what’s good? You don’t hear the good news anymore, it’s all bad, it’s all tragic. How can we make sense of all this tragedy in the world? How can we sift though it all to separate the big tragedies from the little tragedies? Put an order of magnitude to it all. Where would you even start to set this up? And would you even recognize the tragedy if you weren’t told it was a tragedy in the first place? Is it possible to see for yourself what is tragic and what isn’t tragic? Do we have to leave it up to the media to tell us what level of tragic it is? Who’s got the rules???

Do we judge tragedy by the level of immorality or volume of unethethical behavior involved? Is it all just morals and ethics?

The religions of the world can’t agree on much. They all have a varying standard of moral rules to follow. Some religions are pretty strict, others very passive. But no real scale of good and bad to make judgments from. What you’re seeing lately is; if it’s good for one religion it’s bad for another. Yeah, I don’t understand that either. But most of the wars throughout history have been brought to you by the various religions of the world. So we can’t rely on them to give us a standard of right and wrong or a measuring stick to put the various tragedies onto so we can see where they stack up one against the other.

In the business world it seems there should be a standard of ethics to apply to be successful. And, of course there is. Be honorable and legitimately serve your fellow man. But it only seems to apply to small business not the multinational corporate conglomerates. It seems the bigger the corporation the less ethics involved. All the way to the point of selling your soul for the almighty dollar, using and abusing people as just another “resource”. Again no real scale of good and bad. Nothing to measure tragedy with.

Of course we all know Government certainly isn’t very high on the ethics/morals list. Just the opposite seems to apply there. If you have no ethics or morals you’re fit to hold office. Yet, they tell the rest of us how to live and to make sure our ethics and morals are in order. Ironic isn’t it?

So lets forget about morals and ethics as far as a measuring stick and take a look at the statistics and facts of life, well, actually death, and see what we come up with. See if we can find a scale to properly place the various tragedies on. Then all we have to do is find out who is bringing us that specific tragedy and place the blame directly on their shoulders. Then we’ll know who the real bad guys are.

Here it is: We’ll say death and the things that cause death are bad. Life and the things that cause life to flourish are good. So the evilest dude on the block is the guy causing all the death and the goodest dude on the block is the guy saving all the lives. That’s reasonable. What’s causing people to die and what’s causing people to live? Pretty simple. All we have to do is gather some statistics, some facts, and see where everything fits – Good equals life. Bad equals death. The scale would be – the higher the death rate the bigger the tragedy.

First the good guys:

Good guys lead to life and the lengthening thereof. These people you don’t hear much about but they are there. Right at the top of the list would be the good old American farmer. Can’t live without the food. Unfortunately the bad guys have infiltrated the food growing industry and have managed to manipulate or process most of the good stuff out of it and added a bunch of bad stuff. It’s getting downright tricky just to get some good food these days. But the farmers are catching on and reverting over a million acre’s a year back to organic farming.

A good teacher would be at the top of the list also. Everybody remembers that one or two teacher from grade school that really made a difference in their life. Life improving differences.

The crisis therapy people would be right at the top of the good guy list too. Everyone from the Ambulance driver and crew, to the emergency room staff, nurses and surgeons that save your life when you crash and put you back together again. Great people.

Get the idea? Anyone who improves your life, enhances your life, is one of the good guys. They cause life to be a little easier for you, a little healthier, more abundant, and ultimately cause your life to flourish. They’re the good guys. We don’t think very often about the good guys because most of us can be considered one of them. Always trying to help folks, be of service and a true friend to our acquaintances and loved ones. We don’t give the good guy much thought. And rightfully so. It’s Natural.

BUT, seeing as how we’re talking about tragedy here and how to determine the magnitude of the various tragedies that are brought to us every day it would have to be the bad guys we’re talking about. They create all the tragedy. Good people don’t create tragedy. The higher the death rate from that specific thing the bad guys bring us the higher the tragedy rating.

So who are the bad guys? You can’t help but think about these guys, it’s force fed you via every media outlet there is. It gets absurd after a while. You end up thinking everyone must be bad. Not so of course but that’s the way you get thinking after a while. The hopelessness settles in. Is it true?

What’s really going on? Who are the top bad guys on the planet? The top killers of people? Who has that lofty position? Who holds the highest tragedy rating?

The first thing that comes to mind is the governments and villains of society that start the wars. Back in the old days it was the religions that caused most of the death via wars. Now it’s the governments. Everyone knows about the great World Wars, I and II, then Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, The Gulf War, Iraq, Pakistan. Lots of wars going on. Now it’s called “Belligerent Nationalism” and it’s really quite something to behold. “Lets tell everyone how great we are so we can go kill them and force our greatness on them”. Yeah, that makes sense. But even so, believe it or not, government contrived wars are not the big killer of people in society. They don’t take the top prize. For sure they take a lot of people out but there is someone else that holds the title for “Deaths Per Year” of people. That holds the top tragedy rating

Could it be the illegal drugs? Everyone knows how nasty they are and how, oh, so, dangerous they are. It could be the illegal drugs and those evil drug pushers. But it doesn’t add up. The last time I checked less that 10,000 people a year died from illegal drugs in this country. Never the less, there’s still a “War on drugs”.

Maybe it’s all the guns? Nope. Less than a thousand people a year die from accidental gun wounds. Death from the guns used in crime per year is unknown.

The BIG tragedy

So, who are the top killers of people in society? The top bad guys? The people that are bringing you the biggest tragedies? Much bigger than the wars, the terrorism, the natural disasters. Bigger than anything in the entire history of man. Never before in the history of man has this taken place. Never. It is genocide on an unprecedented scale. They top the list on the tragedy rating scale.

The fact that you don’t know right now who they are proves they’ve done a good job hiding their dirty deeds from you. You certainly don’t hear about these people on the 6 o’clock news or in the Newspapers, magazines and radio. Somehow they manage to keep their hands clean publicly. If you do by chance hear about the genocide they create or anything that puts these people in a bad light you won’t hear about it for long. It will be hushed. Of course that means there’s a little collusion going on between these people and the media.

What you’re hearing and seeing on TV are real tragedies but they aren’t the big tragedy. What you hear is the emotional emphasis to make you think one story is more tragic than another. Watch this real close. They are literally controlling what you think and why you think it. If the Media wants you to think it’s really important they load the story up with emotion. The inflection in their voices is emotionally charged. Their body language and facial expressions state loud and clear that “this is important, this is tragic, you better listen to this”. If they don’t want you to think it important they lay back on the emotional tone and just report the incident in a monotone, non-emotional way. And it works. It’s slick and very effective. They can slip some very important stuff by you and you won’t even recognize it because there was no emotional charge to it.

The top tragedy rating belongs to:

Last Spring the local TV news stated very unemotionally in a monotone voice that over 110,000 people a year get secondary infections in hospitals, of which 90,000 die. That was the story, no emotion to it, no emphasis strategically placed here and there to make you think it was important. Just the opposite was done. They made you think it was NOT important. There was NO emotional charge to it. Just regular old monotone news reporting the boring facts. The previous story was about the war in Iraq and the tragedy of six people dying that day over there. Very emotionally charged, very deliberate at giving the viewer some emotional injustice for the tragic war on the other side of the planet.

Well, which story was more important? Which story has a higher tragedy rating? Lets break it down. 90,000 people a year die from secondary infections while in the hospital. That comes to 246 people a day. Wow!!! That sounds like it should be right at the top of the list to do something about right now. 246 people a day die in hospitals from secondary infections. That’s HUGE. And yet, they hardly said a word about it, and as reporting it, made it sound like it wasn’t important at all. No emotional charge to it. Nothing. Just a boring old news story. Surely that can’t compare to the 6 guys that died in Iraq that day. It worked. You didn’t even hear the story about the 90,000 per year. You heard about the 6 in Iraq.

So the media appears to be the problem here. And it gets much worse.

Here’s another one they don’t report on at all. These stats are directly out of the medical profession own publications too so I’m not making this stuff up. Over 120,000 people a year die from the proper use of prescription drugs. 120,000 people a year – Wow!!! People that take their prescriptions the way they are instructed to by their physician are dying at a rate of over 120,000 per year. If they hadn’t taken the prescription they wouldn’t have died. Hard to believe isn’t it? But the real tragedy here is the media stays mysteriously quiet about it all. They don’t say a word about this. 120,000 people a year – lets see, that comes down to 328 people a day. Again, Wow!!!

To give you some perspective on those figures and how the media handles different stories consider that 58,000 people died in the Vietnam War. 58,000 people over the ten years of the Vietnam War. For those of us that lived through those times it was amazing to see how the media reported it all to us. They made sure we knew every little detail all along the way. Ultimately creating the end of that war. But the point I want to make here is put the two together. 58,000 in ten years of war compared to 120,000 in one year with prescription drugs. Why hell man, twice as many people a year are dying from the drugs as died in the ten years of the war. What???

And don’t think for a minute all those prescription drugs are necessary. You weren’t born with chemical deficiencies. You don’t NEED drugs. As the above stat indicates they will kill you. A drug HAS to be a chemical by definition and everybody knows chemicals cause cancer (carcinogens), and make you sick. The ONLY proper use of drugs is in an emergency to chemically control body physiology while they put you back together. Once the crisis is over – clean the drugs out.

So, in making this scale to measure the tragedies, give them a rating, the deaths per day or year from the pharmaceutical companies far surpass anything in the history of man – ever. The very top of the bad guy list HAS to be the drug companies and their cronies in the media. And it may be the media more than the drug companies. The Media is making sooooo much money advertising drugs they dare NOT bite the hand that feeds them. But then again, why are the drug companies pulling this genocide on the public in the first place? I personally know for a fact that the CEO’s and corporate heads know all about this. They are very familiar with these stats. The genocide continues. They call it: “Social engineering”. The mass drugging of America.

So lets just consider these two things:
90,000 deaths per year from secondary infections equal 246 deaths per day
120,000 deaths per year from prescription drugs equal 328 deaths per day
Totals: 210,000 deaths per year. 574 deaths per day. And that’s just in this country. All brought to you by the drug companies and their lackeys in the Media.

The statistics are there but they aren’t reported the same way as the things they want you to respond to. They want you to respond to 2 people dying in China from the supposed bird flu but they don’t want you to respond to the genocide from the drug companies or the hospital deaths from secondary infections. And what response do they want from you? FEAR. They want you to fear the bird flu and not even hear the genocide. If both stories were reported the same way, without any emotional charge either way the people would be much more concerned about going to the hospital or taking all those prescription drugs than they would be about some bird flu over in China.

Just take one of the above stats and consider that. I always use the 120,000 per year dead from prescription drugs. 246 per day. Very rarely can any event or catastrophe beat that one and if it does I extrapolate it out to the Deaths per Year. I can’t think of one thing in my entire life that is killing 120,000 people a year. Only drugs. Legal drugs too. The illegal ones don’t even kill 10,000 per year. Yet look at all the fuss over them with their “war on drugs” campaign and all. What a joke.

Who’s number one on the bad guy scale? The tragedy rating scale? It HAS to be the drug companies. Pure and simple – the statistics can’t lie. 120,000 people per year dead – 328 deaths per day. That’s big ladies and gentlemen, real big. That’s more people than a jumbo jet holds. You know damn well if a jumbo jet went down every day the media would be all over it. They would make you see that the threat to society from these jumbo jets would be so great they’d have to pass laws making it illegal to even make a jumbo jet. And rightfully so. Yet, no one says a word about the prescription drug deaths. Why?

Of course the above two statistics are just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s another one you don’t hear about. Hospital mistakes cost about 315,000 lives per year. Every now and then you hear one of these stories. You know, they operated on the wrong person, cut the wrong breast off or extremity, too much anesthesia, wrong meds, etc. etc. 315,000 per year. Wow!!!

Even the treatment of the big killer diseases, especially cancer, doesn’t make sense. Chemicals cause cancer, everybody knows that, we’ve all heard it our entire lives. Carcinogens. Drugs ARE chemicals – they HAVE to be. The definition of a drug says it has to be a chemical, it can’t be found in nature. Gee, I wonder what would happen if they stopped treating cancer with the very things that cause cancer. That’s a half million folks a year and getting worse every year.

How good can something be? How bad can something be? When you considering these things and try to rate the tragedy eliminate any emotional emphasis the media puts on any individual story. If anything, reverse it. Then you’ll start hearing the real news – the important news. By remembering these stats you can very plainly see that something isn’t right here.

The good guys will always be there. After all, most of us are in that category. It’s the bad guys that are slippery, that don’t want you to see specific things. They want you to live in fear. They, indeed, want you to be a slave to them. They do NOT want you to be able to think for yourself. They know the only thing necessary for you to do that is be given the facts, no emotional charge either way. They know that and are scared to death of it.

So when you see the tragic events unfolding on the 6 o’clock news remember the stats I covered in here so you can determine for yourself whether the story is truly tragic or just more scare tactics. The real tragedies aren’t being covered by the mainstream media and those of us that are trying to bring you these facts are systematically ignored.

I totaled it up once. All the death caused by the things that are completely preventable:
Prescription drugs.
Secondary infections.
Needless surgery.
Medical mistakes.
Over the counter (OTC) drugs.
Cancers that are curable.
Heart disease that is curable.
Fluoridated water.
Chlorinated water.
Synthetic vitamins.
And a few more.

Well over two million people a year are knocked off this way. And, its been going on for quite some time now. At least the past 30 years. That’s 60 million people. But even before that the drug companies have been killing thousands of people every year and trying to eliminate anyone who was successful at getting sick people well. And they get away with it because nobody in the mainstream media says a word.

Why, Hell man, there’s way too many people on this planet anyway. Imagine this country with another 100 million people in it. It would rupture the welfare state and of course bankrupt Social Security. How can a government possibly control that many people? And thus, the real reason for the silence from the Media – CONTROL. If there’s too many people you lose control of them. Sanctioned genocide. If you doubt that do a little research on the FDA. Owned lock, stock and barrel by the pharmaceutical industry. And if you stop and think about that, why should food and drugs be regulated by the same Government agency? Conspiracy??? You figure it out.

So the next time you hear about some tragic event remember the stats quoted herein. And rate the tragedy by the number of people dead. The Media won’t go near the drug companies and they’re the ones doing most of the tragedy.

There aren’t too many people. Without government control I’m absolutely sure we could handle an extra hundred million of us.

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