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The Next Major Paradigm Shift

Aug 2009


The last major paradigm shift was the Internet and the proliferation of the Personal Computer. Thank you Steven Jobs. Now everyone has access to everything. Very necessary for a free society to remain free.

The paradigm shift before that was the Kennedy assassination. That gave everyone that “gut feeling” something isn’t right here. And sure enough when the cover-up was exposed that gut feeling was justified. That was the first big hint that something wasn’t quite right in the world. People became suspicious of governments and “big Brother”.

The shift before that was Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The worlds entrance into the “atomic age”.

Paradigm shifts of great magnitude are not very common but history is replete with many of them. The above three in the last 50-60 years. But historically the most significant paradigm shift was our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and the Bill of rights. For the first time in history man recognized he was born with certain rights and that he didn’t need to get them from Kings, Queens or the High Priests of the day. The next Paradigm shift won’t be quite that big but almost.

The next paradigm shift will teach people how to be healthy. How to recover from disease and how not to get sick in the first place.

It’s called The Natural Healing Paradigm.

What passes for healthcare now is not healthcare at all, it’s disease care. The medical paradigm of disease treatment simply does not approach teaching people how to be healthy. They attack the disease. They declare war against the disease and expect the disease to go away from doing so. Of course it doesn’t work and no cures are forthcoming from this paradigm.

The disease treatment paradigm has its origins in the crisis treatment principles of the Natural Healing Paradigm. In a crisis when a body has been sufficiently overwhelmed by some outside factor that puts that body in a crippled state, or indeed a life threatening state, you better do what’s necessary at the time of the crisis to save the guys life, get him out of harms way and to the appropriate doctors to correct and mend the injury before he’s permanently crippled or even dead. Crisis therapy, a very viable and legitimate form of health care and part of the Natural Healing Paradigm.

It doesn’t take much of a leap to apply that principle to disease care. Especially if the information on how a body works in the first place is unknown or complicated with intricacies.

Slowly but surely the information on how a body works and how to make it return to “normal” has been evolving, has been becoming known. Although the practices of the Natural Healing Paradigm have been used for centuries there has never been a definitive explanation of what it is or how it works, and more importantly why it works. Until now.

The past 50 years have brought a very clear understanding of how a body works down to the smallest detail. The Anatomists and Physiologists have done an excellent job putting the textbooks together to teach us these things. And now that it’s known it should be easy to reestablish the normal values of a human body.

The world of Natural Healing is a very large world. It’s not like the medical world with their one option (drugs) for the treatment of any and all disorders. Natural Healing has many different professions surrounding it. The problem was there was no set course to follow. No set guidelines in place. It was: “do this and see if it works”, “do that and see if that works”. No set regime to follow for the application of the various protocols that make up Natural Healing. To put it short – It was a mess. Almost impossible to understand and very tricky to navigate through.

The Disease Treatment Paradigm uses the crisis therapy principle to treat disease. Yet, by the time they can identify and name your specific disease you’ve already been sick for a long, long, time. Diseases are caused by a breakdown inside the body, a weakness within the body, not the typical overwhelm situation that causes a crisis. So the weaknesses or breakdowns within the body must be addressed in order to eliminate the disease. It is literally impossible to cure the disease if you treat the disease. The disease is always secondary. It must have a cause. And that cause is what you treat. And it can’t be treated with anything that causes more of a weakness within the body.

The volume of information known about how to get a human body healthy is enormous. Not only are there entire profession built around it but many folk remedies going back hundreds and even thousands of years. With the advances in knowledge of human anatomy and physiology we now know why those old folk remedies work. Put that together with what we’ve learned in the past hundred years or so and we now have the exact answers to bring your health back if you’ve lost it, and keep you from ever getting sick in the first place.

We now know the exact requirements a human body needs down to the cellular level to be healthy. And we now know the exact protocols to apply, and when along the way to apply them, to accomplish the return to health.

So the next major paradigm shift will be from the Disease Treatment Paradigm to the Natural Healing Paradigm. You’ll learn how to reestablish those “norms” the anatomists and physiologists have discovered are necessary for a human body to be healthy. The health derived from returning the body to “normal” will eliminate the disease and guarantee you stay healthy your entire life.

The Disease Treatment Paradigm is very well known although most people don’t recognize it as such. Most people have been through it many times. It goes like this:

You get sick. A headache, indigestion, fever, flu like symptoms, whatever, it doesn’t matter what the symptoms are. So you go to your doctor. The doctor takes some tests if he thinks they are required to diagnosis your symptoms, gives them a proper name, and then writes out a prescription for the medicines you’ll need to relieve the symptoms.

You take the meds and the symptoms are relieved and in a day or two you’re back to normal. The medications were to relieve the symptoms until the body fought off the offending condition. No “cure” was offered, only relief of symptoms.

The same thing applies to a disease process. The meds are offered to relieve the symptoms, to give you some relief, but again no cures are expected from those meds. And the doctors quite freely admit there are no cures with this line of treatment. They advertise it, seek government grants to find a “cure”, and solicit money from the public with fundraisers and endowments.

In short the Disease Treatment Paradigm is:
Analyze the symptoms.
Give those symptoms a proper name .
Treat the named disease with medications for relief of symptoms.

A brief explanation of the Natural Healing Paradigm starts with an accurate definition of health. Which is: When all cells of the human body are performing their designed function.

The requirements of the cells are: 1. Communication with the rest of the cells of the body. 2. A clean environment to live in. 3. The proper fuel and nutritional values for cellular regeneration. 4. Exercise.

To meet those cellular requirements the human body must be: 1. Mechanically correct and neurologically sound. 2. Clean. 3. Fed properly. 4. Made to perform.

Thanks to the advances in understanding the intricacies of the human body the anatomists and physiologists have made the past fifty years we now know what the requirements are and which profession and protocols to utilize to reestablish those requirements.

The mechanical and neurological aspect is covered by the Chiropractic profession. Also Acupuncture and pressure, message therapy, meridian therapy and a few others.
The cleansing regimes run from colon cleansing to cellular antioxidants.
The diet is covered by a wide variety of disciplines used at various stages of recovery.
And of course exercise is obvious.

The Natural Healing Paradigm will replace the Disease Treatment Paradigm because it comes right out of the anatomy and physiology books. It can’t be argued.

The days of treating diseases are over. The days of reestablishing normal health values has begun.

There are no cures.

The only thing that can eliminate diseases is elevated health levels acquired by implementing the protocols necessary to insure normal cellular health.
The Natural Healing Paradigm does just that.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for a major Paradigm shift. That shift IS from the medical Disease Treatment Paradigm to the Natural Healing paradigm.

Let the health begin.

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