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The Handicaps of Natural Healing

Aug 2009


Natural Healing works. It literally gets to the underlying cause of any disease process and eliminates it. The elevated health levels attained from doing so eliminates the disease.

But Natural Healing has a few handicaps.

When going through the necessary processes to acquire your health there’s going to be some things that are NOT very pleasant to endure. With quite a few folks it’s enough to stop their application of Natural Healing. Therefore understanding these handicaps resolves the conflict of whether you should continue or not.

First and foremost is the time factor involved. Once you understand the Natural Healing Paradigm you understand that health must happen on a cellular level and that it’s going to take some time for each successive healthier generation of cells to replace the last generation. There’s no magic bullet here. Your health improves as the individual cells health improves and that can only happen through regeneration. Each successive generation will be healthier than the last when following the Natural Healing Paradigm. And that takes some time.

Second is “Order of Cleansing”. That order is: Colon, liver, blood, lymphatics, and cells. If you try to clean the cells before you’ve cleaned the colon and liver it’s a dead-end. Without a clean, decongested, liver any poisons that you clean out of the cells cannot be processed out by the liver. Which are then recycled back to the cells. And if the colon is not clean you’ll just keep absorbing more and more poisons from the rotting mass in there. So the colon and liver literally become a “plumbing” issue and if the plumbing is backed up trying to clean the rest of the body is futile. So, Order of cleansing is important and probably the biggest reason people give up on Natural Healing.

Third is the Detox Phenomenon. Most people have heard of this. It’s when the cells literally purge the poisons out of themselves and their immediate environment. These are the Anti-oxidants you hear about. They clean the cells and the cells immediate environment. Very Important.
Chemical poisoning is the culprit here. As those chemicals go into the body they are generally fairly weak. But as they accumulate over the years they become more concentrated and when finally purged can cause some rather nasty symptoms. Headaches, nausea, diarrhea, night sweats, cold and flu like symptoms, dizziness, all kinds of things. You DON’T feel well. Yet, it’s a very important part of the process you MUST go through to regain your health. The cellular environment must be clean in order for the next generation of cells to be healthier. The detox phenomenon is what you experience when order of cleansing is not followed. The poisons cannot be processed out by the liver and while those poisons are in your blood you will be sick.

The Handicaps of Natural Healing – Now you know. Do it anyway.

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