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In July 2005, I was confronted with my fourth bout of cancer. It all began in 1987, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Later, I developed another cancer site in my other breast, then a site in my right axilliary, and finally, last year, in my lung.

When it was determined that the cancer in my lung was a metastasis from the original breast cancer, my prognosis was not good. After four surgeries, three chemotherapy treatments and a radiation treatment, I was told there would be no more treatments, and that I would die as a result of the cancer metastasis.

Upon arriving home from lung surgery, I began to get my affairs in order. Preparing for death was such a surreal experience. It included the letting go of life as I knew it, and preparing for the next leg of my journey.

One day shortly after arriving home, I received an email from Dr. Scott, who is the brother of a dear friend. He told me he had a program that would cleanse and feed my body. It was quite simple, and I figured I had nothing to lose.

I learned that I needed to be organized while following Dr. Scott’s program. By purchasing a large appointment book, I began to notate the time of day I was to take certain herbs. I would close the book up and take it with me. When I arrived home, I would immediately open the book and continue to follow my schedule.

Dr, Scott told me I would have to be honest with myself and my feelings as I began to cleanse and feed my body. I emailed a description of the pain and the experiences of the past that were coming to surface to Dr. Scott, and, thus, began to take the trip of my life.

Pain came out of my body while cleansing and detoxing. Pain from the chemotherapy’s, the radiation therapy, and abuse issues of long ago began to rear it’s ugly head. I literally felt as though my past emotional and physical experiences were being cleansed from my body.

I began the program a year ago (Sept 05), and guess what? When I awoke this morning, I looked in the mirror, and I was still here! I’ve lived a year past the lung cancer surgery, and am still going strong, and doctors have not found cancer in my body.

I am so grateful that Dr. Scott forged a path for me to follow. Through his program I now have enough energy to enjoy my granddaughter, rejoin the workforce, go on vacations, and love mornings and sunsets!

Jodie Reid
Lockport, N.Y.

I read your book “It’s not Illegal to get Healthy”. I have been suffering with P.T.S.D. and many other problems since being in Viet Nam. All those years I thought it was just normal to be sick, WOW your book opened my eyes to the real truth.

Now after having put your book to work for me, my health has been returning, and I feel like getting up in the morning and doing something!! Also my mind is clearer than it has been in years, I can think again. I see things for what they really are not just what I am told they are. The program is very different, it isn’t like taking a pain pill or a pain killer. It works different, now that I am not taking all the drugs from the V.A. (which they had me taking 12 different drugs 6 times a day) I have got my health back.

It takes some time to get all the drugs and their affects out of your body and you feel bad while that’s happening, however, one day you wake up and things just seem different the pain isn’t as bad and it just keeps getting better.

Thanks for giving me my life back and all the help you have been, PLEASE keep up the good work.

I am telling all of my friends about your book and the PROGRAM.

Thanks again

Mike Garner

Dear Dr. Scott:

My name is Anya Larsen, I am a reflexologist and a Biofeedback therapist, A friend of mine gave me your book this Saturday and I couldn’t put it down… Thank you sooo much for writing this book and not being afraid!

You’ve met my friend Geta, she’s the one who gave me your book, I have been on the Natural Health journey now for the past 5 years and it’s tough but I am such a Believer now that nothing will ever change my mind!

Thank you again,

Anya Larsen CRNE., BTF
Cedar Springs, MI

As a young girl (16), I was involved in an accident that damaged my feet and ankles, the left extensively. At that time, my family was told that by the time I reached the age of 40 I would be in a wheelchair and totally disabled. For the next four years, I lived on presciption pain relievers with all the side effects. One day, I realized “what am I doing to myself” so I said an urgent prayer for strength and flushed the pills down the toilet. That began my reliance on our Lord, chiropractic and natural health to keep myself functioning. In turn, the Lord blessed me with Dr. Scott and when needed, good medical care. I was even walking three miles a day for several years. I was determined not to become disabled – I might be handicapped, but not disabled. Over the years, age has taken its toll but with each “new” crisis, Dr Scott has been able to help me with specific adjustments, diet, supplements and exercises. If medical care was called for, he was even able to refer me to excellent specialists.

The initial injury, however, did finally progress into neuropathy which was diagnosed as advanced or severe three years ago. I’d had pain most of my life but this was a whole new ball game. In desperation, I sought out medical remedies that others had found useful. After a year of no results and depleting our savings account, I abandoned that strategy, got a wheelchair and an electric scooter but was still determined to stay out of them as long as possible. In the meantime, Dr. Scott was also doing research and continued to do what he could for me. On my last visit to the neurologist for new tests, it showed the neuropathy had improved. The doctor was amazed and said “whatever Dr. Scott is doing, tell him to keep it up”.

Through Dr. Scott’s and my own research, I have also found some natural pain relievers that have done what medical science couldn’t – given me some relief.

I am now well past 40 – actually pushing 60. While I may not walk very well, or very fast; I am still able to walk. The Lord blessed me with a lot of determination and strength – I get it all from Him. God has a way of providing what we need when we need it – all we have to do is open our minds and our hearts to His messages.

But, the greatest blessing He has given me is a little brother named Dr. Scott.

Robert Brown
Sparta, Michigan

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