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Once in a Lifetime

Nov. 2007

Once in a lifetime

Usually it’s a good thing – Once in a lifetime. Getting your driver’s license, High school graduation, college graduation, marrying that special someone, your first child. There’s a lot of once in a lifetime events that are truly a pleasure to experience.

However, there are a few that are very difficult to endure, that test your very soul and unfortunately getting healthy is one of them. Depending of course on how far south your health has tumbled.

In that case it’s that hump in the road you hear about. It’s that tunnel you have to go through where you can only see the light at the end of. Not pleasurable experiences at all. But the promise of what’s on the other side of the hump in the road, or at the end of the tunnel is big enough to keep you going, to inspire you, to get the job done, to save your life.

Once in a lifetime deals.
Hard to do.
Takes guts and determination.
Thank God they’re only once in a lifetime.

Getting healthy qualifies as a once in a lifetime deal. Fortunately you only have to do it once.

If you’re “terminal” that hump in the road looks like a mountain. The light at the end of the tunnel is sooooooo far away. If in a chronic situation the mountain is only a high hill, the light not so far away. If plagued by inconvenient illnesses that hump in the road is an obstacle to go through, the light a little closer. But never the less it’s something you HAVE to do.

You’ve got to apply the fundamentals that will return your body to normal. Normal being very well known and understood.


You only have to apply those things that get you back to normal until normal is achieved. By then you’ll know what is necessary to maintain normal. But it’s a tough challenge to climb that mountain, to go through that tunnel. It ain’t easy and will test you to the very core of your being.

Truth is what you seek, once acquired and applied it’s a matter of hanging on, climbing the mountain, enduring the tunnel until the truth delivers you. The hump in the road behind you, the tunnel a thing of the past – Health acquired.

Beating “terminal”, eliminating “chronic”, getting rid of all those nagging inconvenient illnesses, is a once in a lifetime deal. Go for it….

I’m still here.

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