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NWO – 101 Rulers and Ruled


Which one are you? Are you part of the elite group of people that rule this planet or are you one of the ones being ruled by the rulers?

The conspiracy theorists really have a good one here. It seems to be an endless debate that doesn’t come to any conclusions. It all depends on who you listen to; who you read; who you trust that’s done the research…..OR….. what experiences you’ve had in life that tunes you into the mystery.

Who’s running this show anyway? War, war, and more war, chaos everywhere, diseases, confusion, fear, inflation, politicians that can’t deliver the obvious needs of society, more lost freedoms, terrorism, on and on it goes, bad news everywhere. Doesn’t look too good for this little planet. And it’s such a beautiful place. Seems to me there should be peace aplenty. Not so…WHY?

Where do you start to try to figure out this whole mess? My questions were simple. What was that war all about anyway? What happened to me over there that made me so sick? And why is it so hard to get the truth out to the public professionally? Reasonable questions.

So I took to studying. When I was sick it was my savior. I HAD to keep my mind occupied. I studied three to five hours everyday for years. I read everything I could get my hands on. Right, left, middle, it didn’t matter. I listened to Short-wave radio for a few years too. Every night until 2-3 o’clock in the morning. Had a digital short-wave radio and everything. All the while going to work everyday.

It all came together for me in the last 4 months of 1994 when I learned how to get healthy and how this old world really works. I learned who sent me to war and why they did so. I learned why it was so hard to get the truth out to the public. It was very heartbreaking.

Seems the world is nothing more than the feudal system resurrected from a few centuries ago. There’s the Kings and Rulers (the elite) and then there’s us, the subjects.

Who are the Kings and Rulers anyway, who are these elite that are running the world, causing all the chaos??? Well, lets see – You’ve got the “rich men of the world” that ancient scriptures talk about. You know these guys, the Round Table, the International Bankers, IMF, Federal Reserve, etc. They’re the ones running the show and they’ve formed a bunch of clubs to do their manipulating for them. The Bildebergers, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission. You’ve got the Zionists, Real Jews, Phony Jews, Real Christians, Phony Christians, and of course we have to throw in the Freemasons. Who else? NATO, and the United Nations. Also the Club of Rome and Committee of 300 and many more too numerous to name here. The point being: Someone IS in control. Someone IS running this show.

If you break it all down it comes to the old “follow the money” theme. Who controls the money and who does the bidding for those that control the money? Well, that’s a pretty easy question to answer. Whose name is on the money? In this country it’s the Federal Reserve. And if you look close at the money it says that it’s a “note” an instrument of debt – not real money. The money is not backed by anything. Not by either gold or silver, just the faith of the people that are using the money that it is usable. Hmmm. So the money isn’t even real money. Looks like we got tricked somewhere along the line. They did the old switcheroo.

Anyway, the point I want to make here is that there is indeed someone running the show. What I want to do is take away all those organizations they belong to. Take away any religion they belong to. Take away any “elite” family they were born into or political office they may have ascended to and see what kind of personality traits these “Rulers” have. See what makes their clocks tick. See what goals and desires they have. See who they are individually as people, no worldly influence, just as another person born into the world like the rest of us. Then compare those personality traits to the “common man” (us), the people they refer to as the goym, the unwashed masses, the heathens, the sheeple, and other derogatory names.

First lets get rid of the genetic link. There are some who say they are “God’s chosen people”. It’s not just the Jews either. I don’t buy it. Genetics die, spirit lives on. So it’s NOT in the blood or the genes. There is no genetic superiority or bloodline advantage. If there were it doesn’t matter anyway because the genetics die and there goes any advantage you may have had. For sure you can manipulate genetics but also for sure genetics die. Any advantage genetics may give is only applicable to the plant kingdom. But even then they’re finding out it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature. So the “Gods chosen people” thing doesn’t fly. Any genetic or bloodline advantage will die with the body. They know that but don’t want you to know.

Which leads to the real problem we have. It’s not our freedoms they tell us our enemies hate us for that are the problem. It’s not our “democracy” or our elevated standard of living. All that is just the “party line” all those organizations and people mentioned above want you to believe. The real problem for them is wrapped up in two simple words:

Unalienable rights

That’s what all the fuss is about. It’s got nothing to do with freedom, democracy, or anything else “they” say our enemies hate us for. It’s unalienable rights. Our enemies are taking their orders from the same people that our government takes its orders from. And the whole thing is just the cover story to protect their power to rule us. Unalienable rights. We say you are born with them. They say you have to get your rights from them. It’s that simple. Who’s right?

Historically every time man has broken the chains of those that oppressed him he has thrived. Unfortunately there have only been a few times in history where that has happened. After Christ did his thing a couple thousand years ago man thrived for almost three hundred years. Over a thousand years later when the Christians discovered what their Savior said about taking oaths they rebelled thereof and the Reformation happened and along came the Renaissance. Mankind thrived. Then this country was born with every man having “unalienable rights” and what do you know – this country thrived too.

That lasted until 1913 when The Kings of Old took over and got the Federal Reserve Act passed. They knew if they could get control of the money they would rule again and sure enough, they are now firmly in control. A coup de’e`tat happened and you didn’t even see it. And you wouldn’t believe what these people have planned for us, so far they’ve been able to implement their plans right on schedule too. They’re now initiating the third world war pitting one “society” against the other. You know – the terrorism deal.
(If you think the terrorism threat is real take a close look at 911. It was a demolition NOT a terrorist act.)

So lets compare the attributes. They literally want you to worship them because of the elevated status their money gives them. So lets get rid of the money, religions, clubs, organizations, and birth privileges and see what we have. See who has the better attributes on an individual level. One person’s attributes compared to the other persons. No “Gods chosen people”. The elite Rulers compared to those they rule. Who’s the better “people”??? Who has the better morals, better ethics, and better life attitudes?

The common man is pretty much the same all over the world. I learned this in Vietnam. It surprised me too. After Cambodia our Division was pulling out so we sat around the Highlands for a few months pretty much bored to death. Every now and then they would send one of us medics out to one of the local villages to pull sick call. Needless to say the locals didn’t like us very much. I didn’t understand why at the time but fully understand now.

So I’d go out to one of these villages and pull sick call. What a joke. They didn’t need sick call they needed a new village. The living conditions were horrendous. Their homes were made of cardboard boxes. A really good home was made of flattened out coke cans sewn together. It was terrible.

And yet, after a while you get to know some of these people and you can see that they are just normal folks that want normal things. Mom, Dad, kids, grandkids, Grandma, Grandpa, friends, social events. You know, life. Hard working people, creative, wanting nothing more than to live in peace and enjoy the fruits of their labors, their friends and their families. High moral standards, ethics in, fair, giving folks. Good people – very good people. Wow, they’re an awful lot like us.

Well, lets see where other “common” people measure up with all this. You know, us useless eaters, the goym, the masses, etc.

Most of the folks I know are all pretty good people. Honest, hard working folks. They love their mate, want to raise their family, enjoy having grandma and grandpa around and have a full plate socially. Plenty of love floating around. Their morals are correct, their ethics high, and they generally enjoy life with their families and friends. They wouldn’t dare think about harming other folks unless threatened themselves and they certainly wouldn’t steal from you or try to be lord over you. They believe in freedom for everyone and are happy when one of their friends does good. There’s no covert operations’ conspiring to overthrow anybody. They believe in justice for all and get quite upset when they see the “elite” get away with what they get away with. They pay their taxes and wish the government would stay out of their lives. They honestly don’t understand why anyone would want to be lord over anyone else. They’re good people and expect other folks to be like them. Nothing wrong with that. Matter of fact it’s good, very good.

I discovered people are the same over the whole planet too. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Russia, Africa, France, Alaska, the USA, Asia, Australia, it just doesn’t matter. You can go anywhere in the world and find the kinds of people that I just described. Anywhere. That is what the common everyday man and women are made of. That is who they are. And you have to admit that’s pretty good. Not bad at all.

Now, lets take a look at the Rulers and see what they are like. What kind of personality traits do they have? Again, it doesn’t matter what religion they embrace or are born into, what club they belong to, what political party they associate with or how much money they have. What are they made of, what makes them tick? Individually, one on one.

First and foremost the family unit only exists on a genetic level, not on a love level. Most of the “Elites” kids are raised by Nannies not by their parents. No love. Interesting huh? Speaks volumes about the parents too. And yet they claim this genetic superiority. Most of them are spoiled, pampered kids who have no concept of freedom because they’ve always been able to have whatever they want and do whatever they like. Knowing that the laws of the land don’t apply to them. They are truly free and have never lost their freedoms and have no concept of slavery. Which probably leads to their “belief” that they are indeed above us.

To the common man who understands true freedom, because he’s been there, ultimate freedom is simply “nothing left to lose” as so aptly put by Janis Joplin a few decades ago. Of course the elite have no concept of that. How could they? They’ve never been able to lose it all. I imagine that, in itself, is quite an ego lift.

Of course if you don’t know love as a child how can you pass it on to your kids as an adult? And there goes most of the things that you and I, the “common” people of the world, put most of our energies and life’s work into – family and all the things that surround family. Well, family is important to the elites too but for all the wrong reasons. It has nothing to do with love and everything to do with keeping power and wealth consolidated in their name – which equals control over the masses.

The goals of the elite are quite different than the common man also. The goals of the common man are to live in peace, try to get along with most everybody, be of service to his fellow man and enjoy the life that’s here to live. Not so the goals of the elite. Their top goal is to maintain their power base over the common man. Top goal, very top of the list. Maintain control over the people. Because history has taught them well that when “the people” learn the truth about them they string them up. Reformations happen, new countries are born – PEOPLE THRIVE without the Rulers there to control them. People thrive when free of oppression – period. Historical FACT. The elite know this and are scared to death of it. They DO live in fear of you and I. And rightfully so.

Personality traits? What type of personality can send kids to a contrived war that serves no other purpose than to keep them in power over the parents of the kids they send to war? There hasn’t been a legitimate war this country has fought since 1812 when Jefferson kicked the bankers out.

Remember your highschool history? The bankers wanted a Central Bank. Jefferson and the Constitution said NO. They were very familiar with the Kings of Old forming our Constitution to guarantee the Kings of Old couldn’t get back in power. They had suffered enough in Europe under their rule. And they knew the root of the ruler’s power lay in controlling the money – so Jefferson kicked them out. NO CENTRAL BANK.

Now, what type of personality does it take to sit over in Europe and plan our Civil war? Our Civil war wasn’t about slavery, although that was part of it, it was about splitting this country up so we wouldn’t get powerful enough to threaten their control over the masses, which they had established in most of the rest of the world. Even Rothschild himself warned the royal families and monarchies of Europe that if the USA had real money it would put an end to their royalty and all their monarchies.

So here all the bankers and monarchies of Europe are sitting over there planning to break up our country, planning our demise. It doesn’t matter to them that thousands of people are going to die in the process. After all, it surely won’t be their kids shedding the blood. Well, what type of personality can do that? I mean how big of an ego do you have to have to even think in those terms. Kill your fellow mans kids so you can retain power and financial control over him. Genocide of your fellow man for money and power. It’s not even comprehendible to us “common” people.

Yet wars and the deliberate genocide of their fellow man is everyday thinking to these people. Once they took over in 1913 the wars started shortly thereafter. There hasn’t been a legitimate war this country has fought since then. They’ve all been contrived to implement their plan for a one-world government.

(For those of you that think the wars were, and are, legitimate you need to get off the main path and do some serious studying. Our education system and media are brought to you by the same people that are bringing you all the wars. Also, if you think this is a conspiracy of such great magnitude that it’s impossible to be done consider that these people have OWNED the money since 1913. It’s their money. They literally have an unlimited amount of it and can finance what and who they please (including politicians) to bring about their agenda. If they want something that opposes them to disappear they don’t finance it and make it difficult for that specific entity to get financing. If it threatens them too much they have the power to eliminate the threat completely. JFK didn’t get knocked off because he was President; he had to go because he was printing legal, debt free money – United States Notes. Lincoln was doing the same thing. Which was the inspiration of the Rothschild warning to the royalty and monarchies of Europe. You know, the Kings of old, now called the Federal Reserve.)

Personality traits:
The “common” man wants to live in peace.
The “elite” create war.
The “common” man wants limited government.
The “elite” wants government control from cradle to grave”.
The “common” man is honest.
The “elite” turn lying into an art form.
The “common” man is humble.
The “elite” are egomaniacal.
The “common” man works hard.
The “elite” socialize.
The “common” man loves family.
The “elite” uses family.
The “common” man wants health.
The “elite” create terminal diseases.
The “common” man wants justice.
The “elite” want to be above the law.
The “common” man wants knowledge.
The “elite” want mysteries.
The “common” man wants predictability.
The “elite” want uncertainty.

As you can see, what the “common” man wants the “elite” want the direct opposite of. Control, to them it’s all about control. The personality traits of the “elite” are revolting at best. It’s hard for us “common” folks to understand how anyone can be the way they are. And yet, there it is staring us right in the face. I know I’ll never be able to comprehend it. How can you kill your fellowman, outright murder, deliberate genocide, just so you can puff up your own ego and lord it over the masses. Kill your fellow man for money and power.

Every time I see the Brits honoring their Queen I think, “Man, don’t they know what she is?” They HAVE to know – they worship her anyway. The Brits love their Queen. One of the “elites” that are bringing us this global enterprise, taking our freedoms away one at a time. One of the designers of this New World Order. Don’t they know that???

Evil. I hate that word because of what the religionists have done with it but it’s really the only word that accurately describes these people. They’re just down right evil. There’s no other adjectives or words to describe them. Evil.

And it’s not just the people at the top. It goes all the way down the line. From the bankers themselves to mainstream media to talk radio hosts. They are all financed by these “elite” who want to put us in slavery, eliminate “unalienable rights” and have your very survival dependent on them alone.

A little aside here: If you talk to the people that bring you your local news you’ll be surprised how disheartened they are about this scenario. They as individuals want to bring you the truth but don’t dare because they WILL lose their job. Of course they have families to raise also so it’s pretty tough on them. Most of them regret ever getting into the broadcast media field in the first place. National news is elitist all the way.

So the next time you tune into our President or some influential talk radio host remember he believes in this one world government that puts everyone in slavery. He (or she) surely doesn’t believe in freedom and unalienable rights. Remember what type of personality is required to be an “elitist”. What type of personality it takes to create wars. What type of personality it takes to create “terminal’ diseases. What type of personality it takes to do these things for money and power. Then ask yourself this simple question: Could you, a “common” person, do these things? I didn’t think so.

So, what do we have? The Rulers have the opposite personality traits of us “common” people. The “common” people have some pretty darn good personality traits too. No matter where you go the people seem to be pretty good folks. I like them. But I truly am fearful of the elites. Genuine fear. More fearful than I ever was over in the war face to face with Charlie.

No “Gods Chosen People”. No Fancy club to belong to. No political office one might hold. No star status that the media might bring you. No “old money”. No new money. Just people. What type of people can bring you wars and what type of people can’t bring you wars? Common folks wouldn’t hear of it. Elites do it all the time.


And yet “they” rule. It’s the old feudal system of centuries past resurrected; only this time there’s nowhere farther west to go. There’s going to be a showdown. Kind of makes you mad doesn’t it? Wake up folks, we (the ruled) are much better people than “they” (the Rulers).

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