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How “Cure” Happens


How “Cure” Happens

Those of you familiar with my teachings have heard me say many times. “Only health cures disease”. It’s NOT possible to cure the disease if you treat the disease. You must treat the cause of the disease if you expect the disease to go away and thus cure it.

Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s physiology. These are the two standard texts used in all medical schools. There’s not a doctor on the planet that is not intimately familiar with these two books.

Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s Physiology go into great detail about how a normal body works. They cover the human body from conception to death. It’s all in those two books.

Grays Anatomy covers the form of the body; Guyton’s Physiology covers the functioning of the body. Form and function equals anatomy and physiology. The normal running of a human body is very well known and NOT a mystery. When everything is normal you WILL be healthy.

Diseases; where do they come from, how do you get rid of them? According to Gray and Guyton it should be an easy process to return a human body back to the normal anatomy and physiology they so thoroughly detail in their texts.

And sure enough it’s true. You should be able to correct any problem you might have with the form of the human body and the functioning of the human body quite easily. Normal form and function are very well known and taught in all medical colleges in the world. The information is not hidden, is not mysterious, is not even that hard to learn. Although there is quite a bit of it to learn.

To treat a disease will never cure that disease – it can’t. You must return the body to NORMAL as described in Grays and Guyton’s texts.

Of course any regime that accomplishes the return to normal and thus “curing” the disease is summarily dismissed by the medical community for being unscientific. Well, of course it’s unscientific it comes right out of the very texts used to teach “normal”. It was here before “scientific” was.

As a Chiropractor I’m an expert at reestablishing normal mechanical values in the human body. The medical community claims that is unscientific. Yet, normal mechanical values are covered intricately in Grays Anatomy. All we’ve done is developed the means to correct the mechanics of the body to return them to what Grays Anatomy says is normal.

Unscientific? Well, I guess so. The techniques we use to correct mechanical failures can get very technical and scientific but to return a human body to what Gray says is normal is NOT scientific at all. How can it be? It comes right out of Grays Anatomy. It’s NORMAL.

So any treatment procedure that returns a body to what Gray and Guyton say is normal will allow that body to be healthy. Healthy being the normal state of bodies.

It’s the elevated health caused by returning a body to normal that cures the disease. The only thing that can cure anything is the elevated health acquired upon returning that body to normal. Normal being very well understood and taught via Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s Physiology. The main textbooks used in ALL medical colleges.

Does a colon cleanse work? Well of course it does. It returns the colon to normal functioning per Gray and Guyton. Is a colon cleanse scientific? It doesn’t have to be, its simply cleaning.

Does Chiropractic work? Of course it does. It returns a body to its normal mechanical values per Gray and Guyton. Is it scientific? The techniques used may be very intricate and scientific but it doesn’t have to be scientific, it corrects mechanical function.

Does liver decongestion work? Of course it does. It returns the liver to normal functioning per Gray and Guyton. Is it scientific? It doesn’t have to be, it’s just cleaning.

Does a good antiparasite program work? Of course it does. Nowhere in Grays or Guyton’s texts do they say it’s normal to have parasites. Is it scientific? Doesn’t have to be, it’s eliminating bugs.

Get the idea??? They come down on us in Natural Healing because our procedures aren’t scientific. Yet to return a body to normal cannot be scientific, it’s simply a matter of cleaning, feeding and straightening out that returns a body to normal. Information clearly covered in Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s physiology, the standard text in all medical schools.

The elevated health derived from those things is what cures disease. Health returns by returning a human body to normal anatomy and physiology. Period…..

Scientific??? What does that mean? That you must apply chemicals to any specific problem and do a double blind study to determine the effectiveness of it. That leads to Agenda driven science. People can be bought. And with the drug companies financing all the research it’s a forgone conclusion what the results are going to be.

Grays Anatomy and Guyton’s Physiology, the two main texts in the world of health care. Every doctor knows these texts. Its all in there, how a normal human body works.

We in Natural Healing choose to return bodies to normal per Grays and Guyton’s. The elevated health derived thereof is what cures disease. There simply is no other way to do it.

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