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Getting Neutral


Getting Neutral

Prejudice, lies, tradition, religion, doctors, experts, and a rather large assortment of other
mind bending information from a variety of sources that has been laid on you since the day you were born. What do you do with all that? How can you ascertain the truth when your life is on the line, when you have to make a decision about which way to go, what program to do, what information to implement into your life, so you don’t die like the medics say you’re going to, or to get through some monumental crisis that presents itself to you? How do you do that? How do you make decisions?
Of course not all decisions are life and death but it does help to know how to ascertain things, to find out what works in life and what doesn’t work. Especially after listening to all these people and trying to understand what the hells going on. Nobody has any clear definite answers or programs that really work. Especially the religions, doctors and politicians. Too many religions, too many doctors, too many experts. What works – what doesn’t work?

I call it “getting neutral”.
No doubt you’ve been brainwashed. Although technically it’s impossible to brainwash anybody, you’ve certainly been thoroughly conditioned – manipulated if you will.
By who?
Just about everybody.
Unfortunately most of the people and organizations really “believe” they are doing you a good service by teaching you what they teach. They just don’t know any better and haven’t been to “life and death” yet. And besides, most of what you’ve been taught won’t really hurt you anyway. BUT when it comes to your health it can get “life and death” real quick and it becomes very important to ascertain truth from lies.
There are very few blatantly suppressive groups on the planet. However there are a few and they have done an excellent job pulling the wool over your eyes so you can’t even see the wool over your eyes. And they are very deeply entrenched into society and control most of it. Didn’t know that did you?
Thus, the problem – these organizations and people are so well entrenched and politically correct it’s almost impossible to believe that they’re getting away with what they are getting away with. The magnitude of the suppression is mind-boggling. But it didn’t happen overnight and they have been at it for a long, long time now. So you’re just conditioned to “believe” what they say. Never taking the time to even consider that they just might be wrong and that they are purposely deceiving you, making you think things are true that simply aren’t true.
Until… you need some answers. Until… your life is on the line. Then you’ll start seeing things that are truly frightening and you won’t like it a bit.

How do you sort through it all? There are very few things in the world that actually work the way you think they do. The world doesn’t run anywhere near the way you think it does and THAT is a scary proposition. And, very heartbreaking too by the way.

Getting neutral: Suspend all religious beliefs, suspend all politically correct things, suspend all the “experts” advise, suspend all the doctors advise, suspend all parental advise you were taught as a kid, Suspend everything and anything that you think you know. Have no opinion either way about ANYTHING. And I do mean anything.
No more “belief”. Get neutral.
Why? To find the truth. The cool thing about the truth is that it requires no belief. It will work no matter what you think about it. By getting and staying neutral it will allow the truth to express itself in your life.
Now what?
Get to work, pretend you don’t know anything, stay neutral on any and all subjects – no prejudices, and start looking around – start seeking.
Once you start seeking you’ll be surprised what comes into your life and what you start hearing about. And it’s a funny thing how that happens too. No, I can’t explain it but I know it works. If you earnestly seek the truth it WILL come into your life. You’ll get a phone call, something in the mail, see something on TV or the radio, it’s almost magical. But the truth does start presenting itself in your life just by the simple act of seeking it. No prejudices, no beliefs – just seek.

Now what???
Test whatever is coming into your life. Test it.
When you hear about a product or procedure – try it – see if it works like the advertisers say it’s going to work while you’re staying neutral about the product or procedure. See if it does what they promise. A little hint here – it usually doesn’t. Which is quite disappointing.
I tried everything. The MLM’s are great at selling their stuff, telling you all the anecdotal stories about how great their product is. Unfortunately most of it is just plain hype. However, there are some great products out there, and some of them can only be found in the MLM industry so it’s a rather long haul to test all these things out. The bottom line on all this is WHAT WORKS…Whether MLM products, specific procedures, this vitamin, that mineral, test everything. All the while staying neutral about the product or procedure you’re testing at the time.
The only way to ascertain what works is to get all your prejudices out of the way, get all your “beliefs” out of the way and get to work. Seek and test.
It requires a level of responsibility most people don’t want to have. There’s some legitimacy to that too. After all you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. And you did put your trust into certain people and organizations. Unfortunately, when it comes to your health, I’m afraid the ONLY way to get healthy and stay healthy is for you, personally, to be responsible for it. Sorry.
A couple of idea’s that helped me through it:

Whether you think you can,
Or think you can’t,
Either way,
You’re right. Henry Ford

If you always think,
What you always thought,
You will always get,
What you always got.

I don’t know who said that but it certainly applies with your health and it’s ultimately what I’m trying to do with my books and writings. Give you something to change to that works. Change your thinking to The Natural Healing Paradigm.

Get neutral – see what you think. Seek truth. Test everything. No “beliefs”, no prejudices – just truth. Natural Healing works. I’m living proof and there’s getting to be too many people that have discovered that fact for them to ignore anymore.

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