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Drugs ARE Chemicals

Dec. 2006

Chemical: An inorganic substance having a specific molecular structure.

Chemical process: Can be either organic or inorganic. Organic processes are directed by a living entity. Inorganic processes are strictly the reaction of one chemical upon another, the interaction of the differing molecular structures. i.e.: If too quick – an explosion. If slow – rust.

The manipulation of differing inorganic chemicals CANNOT create life – Nor assist life in its living.

If a living entity created the specific molecular structure in its process of living it can be used by other living entities. (food). Organic.

If the molecular structure is NOT created by a living entity it is an inorganic chemical and cannot be used by other living entities. It cannot be classified as a food. Inorganic

Patent medicine: If the molecular structure is found in nature it CANNOT be patented. Only inorganic molecular structures can be patented. Therefore patented chemical structures (drugs) CANNOT assist life in its living to the betterment of that specific life. It’s NOT a food.

Drugs, by definition, CANNOT be food. They HAVE to be inorganic chemicals. Therefore they CANNOT assist life in its living. (or healing).

The concept of chemicals being able to cure disease is absurd. I often wonder where it came from. Where did this idea start that substances which are NOT created by life can be beneficial to the human body and be expected to “cure” diseases. It literally CAN’T happen. Only organically produced substances can assist life in its living. PERIOD.

Man-made chemicals or differing combinations of chemicals that can be patented cannot be expected to do anything else except react to other chemicals. That they CAN be patented proves they cannot assist life. They HAVE to be inorganic. Have to be. Therefore they are a poison to life forms of any kind. Especially us humans. And any life entity will go to great extremes to eliminate these inorganic chemicals from its environment.

Patent Medicine: Inorganic chemicals – Drugs.

Carcinogens: Chemicals that cause cancer.

Chemotherapy: The treatment of disease with chemicals. What???

Chemicals ARE bad. The entire environmental movement is based on isolating and eliminating these chemicals from our lives. It’s not good to have those chemicals in us, or around us. You hear about it every day. Environmental pollution, smog, toxic waste, chemical spills, save the whales, save the seals, the caribou, no oil from Alaska, etc. etc. Got to protect the environment from all these chemicals. And rightfully so. One of the few government things I agree with to a certain extent.

So, on the one hand you’ve got this great expenditure of energy by some very good people to protect us, and the earth, from the environmental toxins (chemicals). On the other hand you have the patented drugs (chemicals) being touted as having the ability to cure diseases.

Who’s right???

Well, of course the environmentalists are.

Chemicals can’t cure anything and the only reason you think they can is because of Patent Medicine. Yet, patent medicine can’t be organic, it can’t come from nature so it HAS to be created in the lab using different chemical combinations. And, again, chemicals can’t cure anything and are very harmful to any life form. PERIOD.

The only application of chemicals to assist any life form is to temporarily manipulate body physiology with specific chemical reactions when it’s been injured or needs repairing. That’s it.

And it’s a funny thing too. The crisis people in medicine know this very well. They voted at their 2000 annual meeting to eliminate vaccinations altogether. Not one “no” vote. Vaccinations have a rather large volume of chemicals in them. They all agreed vaccination don’t work and should be eliminated. Vaccinations actually cause disease and have no curative value whatsoever. Now, that’s the top physicians and surgeons in the country saying that. The people that are in the legitimate part of medicine. The crisis therapy and repair part. You see, they know too, not just us in Natural Healing.

Drugs ARE chemicals and can’t cure anything. So if you’re expecting the benevolent drug companies to come up with a cure for anything it’s going to be a long, long, long, long wait. It simply can’t happen.

Inorganic chemicals (patent medicine) have absolutely no nutritional or curative value.
Chemicals never have been able to cure disease and never will be able to cure disease. It’s that simple. It’s basic chemistry. Not hard to understand at all.

If it has nutritional or curative value it HAS to come from another life source. Plant or animal, it doesn’t matter. You’ve heard this before – NATURE.

The ONLY reason you think your doctor is eventually going to find a cure for any of the diseases is because you’ve been told so by THE DRUG COMPANIES. Yeah, that means the doctors have been fooled too.

Now – Really stop and think about this. If Patent Medicine does eventually come up with a cure for any disease it will mean they can literally create LIFE in the laboratory. They can create life in a test tube. Is that going to happen? NOPE….Inorganic chemicals cannot be combined in any way that will cause those chemicals to be alive. Only substances from something that has been, or is, alive can be of any nutritional or curative benefit. Period.

Drugs ARE chemicals and CAN’T cure anything.

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