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Disease Treatment Paradigm

Aug 2009


To treat the disease seems to be the right thing to do. But history proves it doesn’t work. Why???

The Disease Treatment Paradigm is a carry-over from the crisis therapy principle of the Natural Healing Paradigm. When in a crisis the obvious thing to do is resolve the crisis before it resolves you. That is considered Natural Healing. Whether it be a serious car accident, a fall on the ice, a sports injury, or whatever, treat the injury first. Get the patient out of the life threatening situation, get him stable, and send him to the hospital so the crisis doctors can put him back together again. Crisis therapy – A very viable and legitimate part of the medical profession.

The problem is Crisis Therapy cannot be applied to disease processes. In a crisis situation the body does indeed get overwhelmed by some outside influence. Those outside influences so damage the body emergency procedures are required to save the life.

In a disease situation the problem doesn’t come from outside the body it comes from inside the body. And it generally takes quite a while for the specific disease process to manifest. A disease is NOT a crisis situation. By the time you get a confirmed diagnosis you’ve already been sick for a long time. So to apply crisis therapy regimes to a disease process is pure folly. It doesn’t work now, it has never worked in the past, and will never work in the future. The war mentality to find a “cure” for a disease simply cannot work. You can attack the disease forever and the disease will never be “cured”. Thus, no cures are forthcoming.

If you take that war mentality and attack the cause of the disease the elevated health levels derived thereof will eliminate the disease. So you see, you must address the cause of the disease and not declare war on it and attack it.

Of course the Natural Healing Paradigm must be known to be able to apply it to your specific situation in order to get your health back. But it helps to understand why the Disease Treatment Paradigm doesn’t work. They are simply applying crisis therapy principles to something that its not applicable to. The body hasn’t been overwhelmed by an outside influence, the body has been weakened by an inside influence making it susceptible to “disease”. Correct those inside weaknesses and the disease cannot exist.

Simple cause and effect and a big stumbling block mentally on your way back to health. It seems so foreign to NOT treat the disease. Yet, basic physiology states it cannot work and history proves it doesn’t work. So a mental flip-flop is in order. Take your eye off the disease and put it on elevating health levels. The fundamentals for doing so are in the Natural Healing Paradigm.

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